Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well Pho Hung

I'm In Love. There... I said it. The affair started five weeks ago when I, along with a dear friend (whom I will refer to as, J) joined a Sunday afternoon floor hockey league. Since then J and I have maintained a weekly apres game date of dining at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hung. I am absolutely In Love with their rare beef soup known as Pho Tai, and each week I order the bathtub sized dish for the low price of only $5.00! I must admit I was skeptical at first:"Rare" is actually meant to be, and is "raw" beef that "cooks" at the table while it's floating in the hot broth. Setting aside my food-safety paranoia (or as some may see it, better judgement) I decided to try this new dish. It was love at first taste! I became instantly hooked on this sumptuous dish...the broth made tangy by the plate of fresh bean sprouts, cilantro and lime wedges served on the side; the delicious noodles, and the tender beef all with a dash of heat from a liberal squirting of srirscha hot chili sauce. Mmmmm heaven in a bowl. It is without a doubt, one of the highlights of my week, made that much sweeter by the company of my fabulous, funny, fantastic friend J!
PS As I live a prohibitively far distance from my object of affection I thought I might try a homemade version. Stay tuned for how this turns out.

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