Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Season's Greetings Everyone!

Apologies for my looong hiatus. I've been jet-setting around the world visiting family and friends and have hardly had a moment to catch my breath! Thankfully, the suitcases have been unpacked, the presents purchased and wrapped (well most of them), the Christmas tree trimmed and the cookies baked so I have a moment to relax and reflect on the year that has past. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was getting ready to embark on my big adventure to law school in australia and now it's all over. It's almost overwhelming to think about the past year, moving to Australia, finding a house, starting university, catching swine flu(!), meeting my incredible boyfriend, graduating first year law, and then my post-semester travels. What a busy year!

After leaving Sydney I flew to California to visit my best friend from elementary school and her hubby in their gorgeous new flat in San Francisco. We had just the best time shopping and enjoying the festive atmosphere of the season! My favourite day was the day we drove to Palo Alto for a tailgate party and a football game. Tossing the old pigskin and tucking into a yummy bbq of burgers and sausages filled the void of North American culture I'd been missing while living in Australia.

Lets not forget the bag of chips that was large enough to fit a medium sized toddler. Gotta love Costco! The weather was a perfect sunny and 10- 15 degrees and aside from this total tool who was sitting in the row ahead of us at the football game, the company was perfect. At least Stanford's spectacular come from behind win deflated his (the moron in front of us') sails. Every time we cheered for Stanford he'd turn around a glare, even when his team was winning! I guess we showed him who got the last laugh! After Stanford won, we all flooded down onto the field in the new, and amazing, state of the art stadium and listened the the (rather eccentric) band's on-field revelry.

What a day to remember!

Season's Greetings Everyone!

Hopefully I'll be back soon to tell y'all about my other trip, this time to jolly 'ol England!

Merry Christmas!