Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby's First Kiss

Normally the very presence of a photo containing persons under the age of 10 is criteria enough for me to "next" the blog, so at the risk of being a complete hypocrite I would like to post this picture. The redeeming factors of this being 1) it's not my kid 2) the back story of this is that the parents of this gorgeous baby are soooo germ conscious (and rightly so) but I still think it's funny (much to my relief they weren't mad when they saw this) and 3) this is sooo cute, I just had to share. This is my puppy, Bailey. I half expected her to move in for the tongue action but I was quite surprised to see that her new friend was so into the idea! A match made in heaven? Bailey doesn't kiss and tell. 
Does anyone have an idea for a funny caption for this pic?

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