Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tribute to Anthropomorphic Chairs

Today is Monday... aka the first of five long days preceding the weekend and so I got to thinking... is sinking into a cozy, comfy chair, clad in soft flannel pj's with a hot bevy and a juicy magazine in hand not one of the best pleasures the weekend brings? Acquiescently resigned to its duty as the bridesmaid of the furniture world, the chair is rarely given the credit it's due. Relegated to the center-back of catalogues and a mere sidekick to the dining table or settee, the chair deserves to take center stage once in a while and I, along with my best friend (, have decided to give the chair some long over-due recognition. Of course, even the chair has its niche set of fans and followers and in honour of them and their object of affection, I devote today's post as a Tribute to Chairs. You'll see what I mean about the anthropomorphic bit in a minute. 
A recent post on my best friend's blog inspired the inclusion of  this photo. Do the metal skinny-legged chairs not seem almost biological in how they appear to be engaged in some type of phagocytotic engulfing of the marble table? 

These chairs also have a life-like quality to them... it's like they're sitting there in the shade of the palm trees, enjoying the view.

...while these chairs are engaged in lively conversation...

P.S In case you were wondering, I took each of these photos at Inhotim, the gallery/ garden in Brazil I mentioned yesterday. 

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