Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready for the Gun Show?

Happy Halloween! I know it's a week early but I wanted to share these pics from last night. A good friend helped host a fundraiser for her Weekend to End Breast Cancer team, and I of course was much obliged to have been invited. Pulled together in about 5 minutes, I admit my costume may have bordered on more fit for the boudoir than the Bronte Legion Hall; however, upon arrival my costume proved positively nun-like in comparison to my fellow party-goers!!
Glancing furtively around the room I couldn't help but rest my eyes on one risque costume after another.
Sexy Superman, lusty angel and the finest (or most shocking) specimen, depending on your point of view, some sort of Sargent army dude...minus one uniform and plus one Mr. Potato head on his ahem, package.

My dignified sensibilities set aside for the evening, I enjoyed the festivities and the considerable amount of food included in our ticket. The music was your standard but enjoyable DJ set and the $3.75 cocktail price was easy on the wallet. Back from 6 feet under, Steve Irwin even made an appearance and to my delight, really was from Down Under! As my upcoming trip (move?) to Australia is always (if not right in the front of,) in the back of my mind, I was thrilled to meet a real Aussie in Oakville. It was my first encounter with an Australian in Oakville, and if I'm not mistaken, t'was what he hopes will be his last... Apparently Banff is much more alluring. I guess our concrete jungle doesn't amuse? All in all a great evening of costumes, yummy food, booty-shakin on the dance floor and a cocktail (or 5)...hey anything for a good cause right?


  1. I didn't realize 'Busty Girl' was one of the heroines of the Wild West...but you've proven me wrong :)

    Nice hair. Does the carpet match the drapes?

  2. :O my my my aren't we witty today?! Just taking your advice about amply proportioned gals looking best in a v-neck :>

    PS when it comes to flooring, it's hardwood all the way.

  3. That makes you sound like a man with an erect penis.

  4. Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind. What else do you call a floor with no carpet? Bare tile????!!!