Thursday, October 2, 2008

Express and Collectors Moving Slowly Beyond Next Transfer

I live in what is fondly and justifiably known as "the slowdown" between Toronto and Hamilton...yes, you guessed it...Oakville! The stretch of highway where 6 lanes merge into 3 creating this disastrous bottleneck of carbon-wasting  traffic. The other day I was "driving" home after a long day at a job I'm not crazy about (and by driving I mean enduring the soul-sucking agony that is crawling along in 1st gear at infinitesimally minute increments) and I thought to myself: This isn't your life, this isn't you in this car... but alas it WAS me; I WAS there. I was quite panicked, a clear indicator that I've stayed in one place for too long. I've always believed in change - that's how you grow.  That's how your life stays interesting. Ironically since moving to Oakville my life has mirrored the town's nickname- it has, quite literally, slowed down. Yes, I've made some amazing friends and had some good times, but overall I'm not quite where I thought I'd be at 26. Well all that will change when, later this winter, I move to Australia. Of course nothing is set in stone, but fingers crossed I will be starting school in the land down under this February. Cheers mate! 

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