Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Owie

Ouch! Who knew that catching a floor hockey ball between one's legs could leave such a painful and grotesque reminder of one's unfortunate reflexive reaction? It's a good thing that shorts/ skirt season is all but over here in crispy cool Ontario. Speaking of which, I love fall! The other day I was reminded of this while walking through a cute little area of Toronto known as Liberty Village. The condos there are those "industrial chic loft" types and have names like Toy Factory Lofts and Chocolate Factory Lofts etc. (I'm not clear as to whether or not these buildings used to actually be what they are named for...) Anywho, the ground was covered with these deep red round leaves the exact shape and colour of rose petals! It was like the cliched romantic petal-covered bed had exploded outside to pave the way for every fashionably dressed hand-holding Torontonian couple to glide over. Fall or "Autumn" (in fact seasons in general) will be one of the things I will definitely miss the most while I'm in Australia. There's nothing better than taking a brisk fall walk with friends and then ducking inside a warm cafe for a frothy cup of hot coco and lively conversation. Ah well I'm sure I'll get over it while I'm surfing the waves in January!



  1. Ouch...that looks like it hurt.

    Maybe you'll be surfing hand-in-hand with some hot Aussie law student named Bruce a year from now?

    Though I'm not sure it's wise to hold hands while you surf. Maybe a make-out sesh on the beach will have to suffice.

  2. I think they call it a "pash" and yes, that is the plan. (The M/O sesh, still working on the surfing skills...)