Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Few Garage Sale Finds :)

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and people were having garage sales!!  Now on the whole I've managed to stay far far away from anywhere I might be tempted to spend money but I am in the market for a few essentials. I figured a garage sale might be a safe bet for scavenging a few necessities at a manageable pricepoint. Low and behold I found some great deals! Ordinarily I find yard sales to be hit and miss. Most of the time there's a reason why the hosts are getting rid of the stuff on sale; however, luckily the items at this particular sale were treasures! I wish I could have bought it all but alas I am on a tight budget. 

I couldn't resist this nightstand, it's a really nice glass top with and interesting metal base. An welcome departure from the standard, boring ikea "wood" nightstand I would have thought I'd end up with. The lamp too was a great deal as it had been an unwanted gift and was brand new. 

I know it seems strange that with all the reading I have for school I'd want another book but I sometimes find it difficult to "switch off" at the end of the day. I find reading a chapter of this book to be very soothing and soporific. I have to thank Anne over at the City Sage for her blogger book love series which mentioned this book. What a find!

So all in all a very productive trip to the garage sale, although I am still without a chair for my new desk. Hopefully my hosuemates don't mind my borrowing the dining table chair all the time!


  1. Thanks! It was really inexpensive too. About $3.00 I think.

  2. OOh! Love the table--very mid-century chic!

    And I'm glad the book love series is giving you some reading ideas! Everything I've tried from the recommendations has been a hit. I want to start reading the Raj Quartet I think...

  3. I'm thrilled to have the nod for the table from the citysage!! Also, I've heard the Raj Quartet is very good.