Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Market, To Market!

Sydney is known for its abundance of fabulous farmers markets, and the Eveleigh Market is no exception. My trip there this weekend was a completely and utterly fantastic study break! Sydneysiders love the fresh-from-the farm produce and gourmet delicacies available right from the artisans' kitchens. Although I stuck to my basic grocery list I did indulge in some liberal sampling! Delicious cheeses, fresh fish, refreshing, tangy juices, brilliantly coloured flowers and unusual Australian spices were just some of the sense-awakening offerings. I also found it was a great way to talk to some real local Aussies and peak into the vibrant farming culture. I also like that market shopping is a great way to support local farming practices, and the food is wonderfully delicious to boot! I am certain that it's not all in my head: the food actually tastes better. The fruit is sweeter and tangier, the veggies more flavourful, and the yogurt much more smooth and fresh-tasting than its mass-produced, grocery store counter-part. I've never tasted anything better! Topped with sliced fresh peaches and passion fruit- it's like a taste explosion in my mouth!

The array of fresh food was amazing! These lettuces (3 heads for $5- bargain!) were picked the previous evening. Sure beats veggies that have travelled on a truck and then sat in a warehouse for a few days.

mmmm cheese. It was so hard to resist this stand, but alas I satisfied myself with a morsel from the sample table. 

Loaded up with fresh fruits and veggies for the week. The gorgeous weather made the half an hour walk with the heavy bags a little more pleasant. 


  1. Look at you all Donna Hay! Those flowers are GORGEOUS. Take pics of how they look in the house!

  2. check out my updated "garage sale finds" post from last week for a picture of the flowers. Also stay tuned for a future post on how my room 'decorating' (if you could call it that) is coming along.