Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Bed!

Apologies for being incommunicado of late. All of a sudden law school has turned into a lot of work. Imagine that! Most recently, I was forced into sequestering myself in my room for 4 days to write two, 2500 word essays. They were meant to be  a "take home exam" but would more accurately have been named "four days to work a miracle" because that's what the fact that I actually finished it was. We have now begun torts. I have a feeling there will be lots of bad jokes involving the word "tortuous" floating around. Stay tuned...

On a lighter and brighter note, here's a pic of my new bed! As some of you may know I endured quite the misadventure during my first attempt to secure appropriate sleeping facilities when I first moved into my house. I originally bought a second hand bed, a disastrous ordeal from start to finish. A good friend helped me pick it up from the seller's' apartment way out in Maroubra Beach (a suburb about 45 minutes away.) Well, unfortunately as we were trying to fit the bed frame into the hatchback it, being less than high-quality, Ikea particle board, snapped at the leg joint! Luckily, a friend's dad who is quite handy with tools, offered to repair it for me. Then, whilst attempting to sleep with the mattress on the floor, I was completely unable to sleep at all. I eventually gave up and slept on the couch. As that wasn't the sort of arrangement that would do permanently by any means, I decided enough was enough and purchased a new bed from the department store. It was bottom of the line, and on sale so didn't quite break the bank but I figured it was worth eating canned tuna for a few weeks. I have to say it's been absolutely divine compared to the horrendous experience of the first mattress. After some investigation, it turns out that  the couple who sold the mattress to me lied about it's age and value. At least all's well that ends well. Lesson learned. 

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