Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lucky lucky me!

It's day 4 of my new life in Sydney Australia and so far things couldn't be working out better. I've had some amazing luck so far, starting off with meeting my Australian hostess with the mostess-Gus! (short for Augusta) A mutual friend put us in touch the day before I left and Gus was so kind to offer to host me for my first few days in Australia. Oddly enough she was dropping someone off at the Sydney airport the morning of my arrival so all she had to do was expertly pick me out of a crowd (which she did, as the "girl who had enough luggage to look like she was moving to a new country" lol ) and whisk me back to her place. I'm staying in her fantastic flat in the heart of little Portugal and a short walk from little Italy. I have my own room and a very comfortable bed which has been a godsend to help me get over the jet-lag. Sydney is 16 hours ahead of Oakville so it's been quite the adjustment to get on the time schedule here. 

I kicked off my trip with a walk around Circular Quay and was blown away with the size of this absolutely enormous cruise ship moored at circular quay. I felt like I was in Honey I Shrunk the Kids standing next to that enormous ship.

The Opera house of course, was spectacular, it's white sails shimmering in the midday sun.

On a whim I decided to take a ferry trip to Manly Beach and was pleasantly surprised at the nice little beach town that leads to the gorgeous expanse of open ocean. Where's a surfboard when you need one!? Alas I didn't even have a bathing suit with me so I satisfied my urge to plunge myself into the warm ocean with an ankle-deep beach walk. 

Thank goodness for the instructions written on the curb sides no doubt for hapless north Americans such as myself who would otherwise join the ranks of the Darwin Awards. Running over too many tourists would be bad for business I guess. 

For every rose there is a thorn and I am missing my friends, family and puppy.

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