Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey!

It's my puppy Bailey's 2nd birthday today and if I were home I would be having a birthday party for her just like last year! I know I know- it's crazy to have a birthday party for a dog, but why not? My friends and I use every other excuse in the book to throw a rager! Not to mention Martha Stewart who has no qualms about throwing a New Year's party for her cats. 

Anyway I thought I'd dedicate today's post to the little birthday-pup! I love you and I miss you Bailey!

Bailey's homecoming...

Bailey, 8 weeks, trying out the new digs aka her crate for the first time...

I want my mommy! Bailey's not too impressed at my first attempt to make her dinner.

Bailey at about 10 wks old. Getting acquainted with the laundry basket. Awwww...
Cuddle time with me!

Bailey is quite the little adventurer too!

Bailey at about 5 months old. Her first sailing trip!

Taking a dip up north with her buddy Russel. 

Not only does she love to get out and about, but is the life of the party too...
Silly face. 

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