Monday, February 2, 2009

Freshwater Beach Trip

A wonderful weekend in Sydney just past and I am delighted to report that I took full advantage of the sunshine! A friend Chris, whom I met during my last trip to Australia, picked me up and whisked me off to Freshwater beach. A glorious display of sun, sand, surf and sexy bods greeted us as we joined up with Chris's international group of mates. (I have some serious work in the gym to do if I'm going to even come close to looking like the girls here.) Although it was 3pm by the time we found parking, the sun was still hot hot hot and I enjoyed basking in it while catching up with my old friend and meeting some of his crowd. Although I consider myself a strong swimmer, the waves here are something else but luckily they were a manageable 1-2 meters- perfect for bodyboarding! This is where you catch a wave while lying down on a small foam board and surf down the wave lying on your stomach. It's really fun and Chris and I enjoyed racing each other (while handily avoiding running over myriad other swimmers, surfers and bodyboarders!)

After the beach we retired to the comfort of a friend's beachside flat for a good ol Aussie barbie (barbecue.) The food was fantastic! Grilled lamb, sausages and chicken and the most utterly delicious feta salad made with the host's French grandmother's secret vinaigrette recipe. We chowed down while watching the Australian Open men's final. What an exciting game! 

I'm currently hard at work finding a permanent residence so I'll keep all you keen readers up to date on that adventure!

Ciao for now.


  1. i almost cried looking at ur photos and recognising my home! You really do write so vividly i have the exact picture in my head- really do wish u all the happiness in the world and dont forget to get in touch with my friend jane in sydney shes awesome fun know u 2 will hit it off!
    look forward to reading about all ur adventures.

  2. Oof---I am SO hating you right now. that beach looks GORGEOUS! and of course you look majorly hot in that yellow bikini.

    write and tell me all the juicy details of the trip so far!

  3. Thanks for the comments and the complements ladies! It is a good time, although I have to keep my head in the (law school) game and my eye on the prize (straight As', or whatever they call an A here.) Wish you both could be here too! And don't worry dingo, come July you'll be begging for the air conditioning!