Friday, November 13, 2009

Half Way There!

2 down... 2 to go! I have an exam tomorrow. Yes on a Saturday... then, one on Monday and then I'm free free free until next year!! Wow- I can't believe I'm almost there. It still seems like a huge mountain to climb but in just three days it will all be over. I can't believe it! Some parts of this year have flown by, others have crawled (hello being sick with swine flu for three months!) but overall it's been an amazing experience! I am so looking forward to my trip home to visit my wonderful friends and family and then to come back and catch the last month of Australian summer. Wah hoo! The weather right now is GORGEOUS so it's going to be quite an adjustment to arrive in Toronto in the middle of winter. There is lots of snowboarding to be done so I am looking forward to that but I will miss the beautiful sunshine, long days and hot weather... not to mention my new friends here in Australia (both human and canine.) Check out Nick's dog, Tiki (above)- he's a little camera shy but so cute!

Gotta keep my eye on the prize until Monday when I can enjoy a little less of this

and a little more of this!

See y'all on the flipside!

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