Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blue Mountains Mini-break part 2

In a valley, what goes down, must come up and our mode of choice was this cable car. Crammed in like sardines we listened to our overly enthusiastic tour guide.

His pommy-turned- strained Aussie accent was almost as bad as his ranger hat and boots- so did not work next to his sallow, pasty skin. His banter was not remotely witty and seemed to be appreciated only by the non-English speakers on the ride...

Fortunately the magnificant views were enough of a distraction so keep me happy for most of the five minute ride to the top.

After such a big day in the mountains it was wonderful to retire to Lu's Nana's house... a cozy cottage-like home with plenty of blankets and a cute little pup to cuddle! The air was so fresh, I couldn't breathe deeply enough to satisfy my lungs' thirst for it. Upon our arrival we were greeted warmly and ushered into the dining room for dinner- a yummy homemade chicken casserole. Living the student life sure makes me appreciate a home-cooked meal! We had tea and homemade ginger biscuits for dessert and then cozied up in the barcaloungers to watch a bit of tv before bed.

The next day we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before setting out for the Jenolan Caves. The trip was especially meaningful because my friend's parents had first met there when her dad was working as a tour guide and her mom was a visitor (from Canada!)...awwwww!

The caves were magnificent!!

This park seem to also have their own fashion-challenged members of the ranger-team. I thought the thongs were quite ambitious given the temperature was only about 14 degrees. Also, who wears short shorts? This guy!!

Lastly we took a lovely walk around a place known as the "Blue Lake" due to the limestone deposits in the water. No trick photography- the water is really that colour. Stunning!

All in all a spectacular trip. Thanks Lu!!!

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