Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cupcake Shapes!

To celebrate the conclusion of this semester's classes I put a few of my birthday pressies to good use and baked some miniature cupcakes for my class. As I had to fit them on to a baking tray they baked in the shape they were squished into on the tray:

Not picture perfect but I love the asymmetrical results. I call them cupcake shapes. Cupcakes are all the rage right now, even the Martha litmus test proves it- all week she has been featuring new cupcake flavours on her show in anticipation of her new line of product- Martha's Cupcakes. (Yes, I keep abreast of Marthaworld via her website). They all look soooo yummy but one really needs an electric mixer to make most of the recipes which my somewhat make-shift kitchen doesn't have (yet, maybe I will acquire one if the garage sale gods smile on me any time soon.) Anyway I managed to improvise and whipped up this batch of banana cupcakes from a random online recipe. They were ok, but mostly served as a pretty good vehicle for the yummy sour cream icing I made as a topping. I have to say, they were a hit! My classmates finished off every last one and I think I may have scored some much needed class participation marks from my civil procedure professor!

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