Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three Random Pictures

Howdy... we'll I'm officially overwhelmed. It's work work work and I'm meant to be planning my birthday party this weekend. It's nothing too over the top- just a barbeque- but still, I like things to be just so and I get anxious about the prospect of doing a half-hearted job. Hopefully I will still be able to pull off a reasonably decent evening for my friends. I have lots to blog about but I'm too tired to do it properly at the moment so I leave you with three random pictures I selected from my iphoto library...

Bailey and me in my friend Kristen's old apartment. It was the cutest little place above a bakery in Rosedale. 
A beach in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. I took this while traveling there in 2005. 

My dad behind the wheel of our rental car in Cuba two Christmases ago. Has it been that long since that wonderful trip already? 

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