Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Ordered: Dog Bark Kit.

The dog drama. It's been 2 months since I first moved here and while I LOVE my house I am not loving the dogs across the ally. Rather, I'm irritated at their owners' flagrant disregard for neighbourhood peace and quiet. Every time they leave the house these owners leave their 2, very easily excited dogs, outside in the backyard. Each time someone walks by the dogs bark and yap and cause an unholy racket, sometimes for hours on end. This of course, is occurring at all hours of the day. I've even been woken up at 6am on a Saturday morning for Christ sake! After two solid hours of barking yesterday afternoon while I was trying to work, I'd finally had enough. I went round to the house to find that I couldn't even knock on the door due to a large gate with a deadbolt preventing access to the front yard area. (Probably to keep people like me out.) Incidentally another neighbour, also at his wit's end was investigating the noise and recommended we call the council to lodge a complaint. I followed through this morning and I am eagerly awaiting my "dog bark kit." Also, they promised to send these people some "tips on keeping dogs quiet." I wait with baited breath to see the results. Stay tuned!

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