Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well it's a little sad that I'm away from my family during Easter but I'm consoling myself by eating all the chocolate that's being distributed here in Australia. I'm shocked at how big a deal Easter is here. I feel like at home Easter is kind of a blip on the radar for kids and the people who design store displays. Here it's a full on cultural holiday with bakeries inviting customers to "beat the rush" and "order your Easter hot crossed buns today!" We get a whole week off uni (news to me as of 5pm last Wednesday when it came to my attention that we didn't have class next week.) Everyone from my Contract Law professor to my pilates instructor has been handing out chocolate and there are celebrations aplenty- fairs, picnics, and boozy nights out on the town (not me of course, I'm too busy studying.) Yesterday (Friday) I was half thinking that I'd perhaps visit the fish market as I had the day off and it's something that has been highly recommended to me to explore. That idea was quickly given the kybosh when I heard on the news that Good Friday is the Sydney Fish Market's busiest day of the year, with over 50 000 visitors expected. Of all the days to think to go it had to be Good Friday! lol. Sufficed to say that plan is taking a raincheck. I did make my weekly trip to the market this morning and came home with a suitcase (my new shopping strategy) full of fresh fruits and veggies and my very favourite yogurt. I combine this award winning yogurt with fresh passionfruit for the most divine snack in existence. Here, take a look. 

Simply combine these ingredients and...

Voila! A healthy and scrumptious snack!

To all my friends and family at home, (and anybody else who reads this)- Happy Easter! I miss you!!!

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  1. SO TRUE! Easter is so much more popular here. However, I still do prefer plastic colored eggs filled with jelly beans and malt balls to the chocolate eggs that are so big here.