Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wakeboarding... ezz greeat successssss!

The upside of being foreign and having no friends is people feel sorry for you and invite you to do cool stuff, like go wakeboarding on their friends' awesome boat, and join them for breakfast at their awesome waterfront house.... ok I'm exaggerating a wee bit; I know I have lots of friends here, but I'm continually surprised at the generosity and friendliness of folks here in Australia. A few weekends ago, Nick and I were invited by a new friend of mine to join her, and her husband and another couple for a day out on the water. We were super lucky to catch a clear, calm and warm day, which is an increasingly rare occasion as "winter" is fast approaching.

It was an awesome day, made even better by the fact that Nick, who had never ever tried wakeboarding before, totally killed it on his first try, and was even throwing down jumps!

If I hadn't witnessed how nervous he was before actually getting in the water, I would never have believed that it was his first time! What a successful day!

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