Tuesday, May 4, 2010


If only the internet at my new residence would let me upload pictures! I don't know what the deal is so I apologize for my lack of posting lately. It's really frustrating because we all know how much I luuuurve sharing my photos with y'all.

So in lieu of the interesting photographic posts I've been sitting on until this uploading snag gets resolved, I'll share with you some new vocabulary I've come across whilst living down under...

When I moved to Sydney a little over a year ago there were some turns of phrase and/or words that were so odd to me that I never thought I would start using them myself. Well one year later it turns out that I was wrong! Recently I've caught myself using some of these very same words/ phrases:

Bloody: as in "where is the bloody remote control? I need to change the bloody channel on the bloody tv!" (Yes, this is one that is at a definite risk of overuse.)

Bugga: as in "bugga! I've just accidently deleted my entire essay!"

Mate: as in "hey mate, how ya goin'?"

How ya going: see above, instead of "how are you doing."

Toilets: Instead of 'bathroom' or 'washroom', as in "Where are your toilets?" This one is especially surprising since I've always cringed when hearing the ungenteel word "toilet." What is wrong with saying restroom or washroom??? Most of the time I still say 'bathroom' but I have slipped up a couple of times and said 'toilets'. Nooooo!

The One Word I Will Shoot Myself If I Ever Accidentally say it:

Youse: As in the plural of 'you' aka the title of an email I received from a classmate this morning:

does this mean anything to youse?

Noooooo! What is the world coming to when supposedly educated, learned law students are using this grammatical abomination???

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