Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Travels Kristen, Jen and Rachel!!!

Arn't good friends just the best? Last night the stars aligned and two of my bestest bestest friends since high school who are travelling in Egypt, just happened to be in an internet cafe when I was on Skype here in Australia! What are the odds of that happening? Not high, especially since I'm generally not on Skype unless it's a pre-planned appointment, and it was about 1 am...Anyhow, I was so thrilled to get the chance to chat that I didn't even feel tired. One of the things I love about really great, old friends is that no matter how long it's been since the last time you saw each other or even emailed, when you do talk it's like everything is exactly the same and you don't skip a beat. It was so nice to see them (on video) and hear their voices; although I still miss them terribly I think it was just enough to hold me over until we're together in person: December, when I'll get to see Kristen in Toronto, and next February when Jen and her sister Rachel, also a great gal and a good friend, will be making their way down under as part of their 'round-the-world tour.' I'm so looking forward to showing them around Sydney. I'm already devising an itinerary:
-Bondi Beach for some celebrity spotting and budgie smugglers!
-Glebe for brunch in a funky cafe
-Newtown for some Asian food and people watching
-The Rocks Saturday Market
-The City for the Opera House tour (I've heard it's well worth it)
-Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk (Did it once and I'm dying to go again!)
-Oxford Street for a little of the nightlife that I hear so much about but never get to go...
-Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (cause I've always wanted to...)
-Any other suggestions??

Until then, Good Luck Girls and Happy Travels!!

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