Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson and Law (In)Formal: Black n White Theme

It's happened to all of us: Hearing news so time-stopping and jaw-dropping we will remember forever where we were and what we were doing when we first heard it. Yesterday my number grew from 2 to 3. First the death of Princess Diana- whilst in my bunk bed at band camp, I was awakened at 4am by the noise of my counsellor coming into the cabin, having been out all night. Seeing that I was awake, she whispered the news to me. Then 9:11 - walking into the dining hall in residence my first year at uni, noticing that the usually noisy room was silent; everyone gathered around the big screen TV, eyes glued to the screen's images of the collapsing tower and frantic New York City emergency workers. The whole room was full of first years who were silently chewing their breakfast whilst hanging off every word the anguished reporter spoke. 

And now this: the untimely death of Michael Jackson. Despite his legal and personal troubles his legions of fans will always remember his amazing, unparalleled talent for singing, dancing, and song writing and his legacy for changing corporate music attitudes towards black recording artists - he was the first black artist to be played on MTV. I was introduced to his music in Grade 5 (1992) by my music teacher. I remember her enthusiastically teaching us the words to a few of his songs and showing us the Black Or White music video. Been a fan ever since! Also my sister Jane has this HIDEOUS Michael Jackson mask that's been a trademark of hers for forever... it's a standing joke in our family that she'll turn around and be wearing it at any given moment. No matter how many times she does this I always jump at the sight of it.... it's seriously freaky!! It's weird how for the past two weeks I've been going around wearing my "MJ Glove," that is, the white cotton glove the burn unit nurses gave me to wear over my hand. It probably wasn't 100% necessary as my hand is healing well but I just couldn't resist wearing it one last time at the Law Formal last night as a tribute to the late, great, King of Pop. 

What a fun night! The formal was black or white themed (creepily appropriate all things considered!) and I got to wear the most gorgeous black dress from Country Road (a chi chi Aussie brand). 
My friends Nissa and Bec came over for a glass of wine before we took the train to the Ivy.
We took some glamour shots (I, personally, haven't been this pulled together in quite some time!)

and we danced the night away!

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