Sunday, December 14, 2008

Camera Play

As we all know, I love taking pictures! Here are a few scenic shots from the balcony of our suite at Blue Mountain from last weekend. Now that I've calmed down from the injury I'm remembering  some of the really nice aspects of our mini-vacation to Collingwood.

We were treated to a really beautiful snowfall. The twinkling snowflakes floating silently from the sky made strolling through the resort really peaceful and beautiful. We made a decent effort to salvage what was left of Saturday post-hospital visit, choosing to repair to Windy O'neil's Irish Pub for an evening beverage. I had almost as much fun playing fashion police to the tucked-in plaid shirt crowd as I did listening to the rousing live band or drinking $100 tequila shots (ok they were $10 which is still highway robbery). 
We also lucked out getting a fireplace in our room. It was so cozy sitting by the fire enjoying this fabulous view...

Not to mention the outdoor hot tub...

The nice folks at Customer Service offered us two free lift tickets since we didn't get to make much use of the ones we'd bought, so I'm hoping to make one more trip before I leave for Australia... here's to not having to take any more pictures looking like this...

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